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Tuesday 19th September

12.30 pm Said Eucharist, Theodore, Archbishop

1.10 pm Organ Recital:

James Johnstone



Wednesday 20th September

12.30 pm Daily Prayer



Thursday 21st September

8.00 am Said Eucharist,

S Matthew



Friday 22nd September

8.30 am Said Eucharist

11.00 am Marriage Service



Sunday 24th September

11.00 am Sung Eucharist on the Fifteenth Sunday after Trinity with Holy Baptism





Advance notice

Thursday 5th October

Entertaining Angels: A soiree of music, cheese & wine-tasting for Michaelmas


Lis Hasted, chapel COMMUNITY AND Events Officer

The Chapel Community & Events Officer serves the wider community by: (i) helping to build local community, by liaising with local organistaions and groups both commercial and residential, so that the Chapel can form effective partnerships and work for the common good and (ii) managing the use of our facilities (Chapel Rooms, Car Parkings Bays, Chapel) that are used by our local community.


Our Community & Events Officer is Lis Hasted, who married Edward, her husband, at Grosvenor Chapel in 1990 and their two sons were christened at the Chapel. She is a regular member of the congregation. Lis is a regular member of the congregation. She has an in-depth knowledge of the Chapel after serving as Chapel Administrator for nearly four years before taking up her post as Chapel Community Officer. Her interest in people has led her through a career in design, working  as a senior member in design teams for Mary Quant, Burberrys and Dunhill. She qualified and registered as a homeopath in 2001 and works  with an Integrated Health Medical Practice in Earls Court and a Complementary medicine clinic in Wimbledon.


Prior to taking on this new role, Lis served as our Parish Administrator for three years. This experience and the fact that she is a worshipping member of the congregation gives her a depth of knowledge about the Chapel and also inspiration to help us reach out to our local community.


Currently, Lis is heading the Chapel's outreach programme to people living with dementia and their carers, called "Hymns & Pimms", which meets on the last Tuesday of every month, 3 - 4.30pm.


Please don’t hesitate to contact Lis who is in the Office on Tuesdays to Thursdays (  Tel: 02074991684)  and she will be happy to do her best to answer your questions.

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