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Tuesday 19th September

12.30 pm Said Eucharist, Theodore, Archbishop

1.10 pm Organ Recital:

James Johnstone



Wednesday 20th September

12.30 pm Daily Prayer



Thursday 21st September

8.00 am Said Eucharist,

S Matthew



Friday 22nd September

8.30 am Said Eucharist

11.00 am Marriage Service



Sunday 24th September

11.00 am Sung Eucharist on the Fifteenth Sunday after Trinity with Holy Baptism





Advance notice

Thursday 5th October

Entertaining Angels: A soiree of music, cheese & wine-tasting for Michaelmas



Dear Friends at Grosvenor Chapel,


Greetings to you from Grace Church in New York City.  We are pleased to embark on a companion relationship with you as brokered between the Dioceses of London and New York. 


By way of introduction, we are located at 10th and Broadway, just south of Union Square.  A staff of 17 oversees a vital urban ministry of worship and music, Christian education for all ages, community outreach, and pastoral care.  The core of the parish consists of some 300 families, of which 260 are pledging households.  The building we call home is a stunning, 1846 Gothic-revival, landmark church designed by James Renwick, Jr.  Architects have called it one of the seven buildings in Manhattan worth preserving at all costs.  

To learn more about Grace Church, visit our website at  Also, you can watch our entire Easter Day service online at


We look forward to living into this new companion relationship, and hope that even as early as this summer we might enjoy some cross visitations between our members. 


God’s blessings to you all.


The Rev. J. Donald Waring


Grace Church in New York

802 Broadway

New York, NY  10003

212 254-2000 x127


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