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Tuesday 16th January

11.00 am Coffee Morning


12.30 pm Healing Mass with laying on of hands/anointing


1.10 pm - 1.50 pm Music recital:

Mike Overend (organ) with Andrew Wickens (violin) and Tom Jeffers (guitar)



Thursday 18th January

8.00 am Said Eucharist



Friday 19th January

8.30 am Said Eucharist



Sunday 21st January

11.00 am Sung Eucharist on the Third Sunday of Epiphany in the Week of Prayer for

Christian Unity

Preacher: Fr Chris Pedley from Farm Street RC Church




Sunday Club

Children are full and valued members of the Church. It is important that they both learn about Christian faith and contribute to the life of the Christian community. The Grosvenor Chapel Sunday Club meets during the 11am Sung Eucharist during the School Term (please arrive by 10.55am).  Our dynamic Sunday Club leader is Giseli assisted by volunteer parents.

We follow the "Roots" material for Sundays and lessons include education in the faith in a fun and informal style.


From Advent Sunday the children will be preparing their Nativity Play on Sunday 18th December. We have a Crib Service on Christmas Eve at 4.30pm for families and our 11am Christmas Day Service.

We look forward to "Mothering Sunday" 11th March 2018, at which the children will be making presents for their mothers, and Easter Sunday, 1st April, for a children's Easter Bonnet parade.


Confirmation: If your child would like to be confirmed, please contact Fr Richard


More Information about the Club

The Chapel upholds, and works according to, the Child Protection Policy of the Church of England.

The Sunday Club meets in the Chapel rooms which were recently refurbished and look out on Mount Street Gardens.

Each week the children learn about an aspect of the Christian tradition. At Christmas they perform a Nativity play during the Sunday Eucharist to the delight of the congregation.


Sunday School is restricted to children between the ages of 3 and 12. Older children wishing to become servers or to contribute in other ways should speak with Fr Richard.


Children can also be prepared for Confirmation.


To view the Church of England's Child Protection Policy, Protecting All God's Children, see:

St George's School & Church of England Secondary Schools

The Chapel is one of two churches in the Parish to serve our Parish's Church School, St George's School (Hanover Square), and regular attendance at the Chapel is one of the top criterion for entry to the school.  The School's Acts of Worship take place in the Chapel every Friday at 9.30am, led by Fr Richard or Fr Roddy. All parents of children at the school are most welcome to attend.

We also encourage families who wish their children to attend a Church of England Secondary School to regularly attend church. Being a member of St George's School is not sufficient alone to qualify for a place at one of our Secondary Schools.

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