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The Chapel is open for private prayer, but not for public worship.

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At the Chapel this week

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Tuesday 24th November 7.30am, Morning Prayer
led by Fr Alan Piggot


6.30pm New Series

Advent Hope 1.
"The Psalms, Lament & Longing” A Reflection
by Fr Richard Fermer


Wednesday 25th November at 6.30pm: Evening Prayer (BCP) with Homily (Isaac Watts d.1748 the “Godfather of English Hymnody”) led by Fr Alistair Macdonald-Radcliff

Thursday 26thNovember at 8am: Morning Adoration
led by Fr Richard

8pm Advent Online Fellowship Group 

Friday 27th November:
Act of Collective Worship for St George’s School


Sunday 29th November 11am: Sung Eucharist
for Advent Sunday

with the Chapel Choir Celebrant & Preacher:
Fr Richard Fermer


New Chapel Teaching Series: "Rebuilding the Church"



 With apologies,

the Chapel is currently closed for external redecoration and will reopen as soon as possible.


Listen to our

"Music & Mindfulness"

series of prayers for our times,
set to music.


WCC COVID Advice for Residents


Our Easter Newsletter


On Sunday 6th September, we began the celebration of the "Season of Creation" with a joint "Liturgy of Creation" in Mount St Gardens with our friends and neighbours, the Roman Catholic Church of Farm St. The Season lasts until the Feast of St Francis of Assisi on 4th October 2020. It is a time to reflect and pray about our stewardship of God's creation and consider how we as a Church address the challenge of climate change. On Sunday 13th September, the theme of our Service will be "Cross & Creation", as we celebrate the Feast of the Holy Cross and Fr Dominic Robinson, SJ from Farm St will preach. The Season of Creation will also occupy some of our online services and reflections that Fr Richard and Gary Eaborn will give. Our Parish School will also participate in a special Assembly which will involve the planting of rosemary and lavendar, as symbols of remembrance of those lost to COVID-19
New Chapel Teaching Series: "Rebuilding the Church" from Sunday 20th September
When St Francis of Assisi heard God saying to him, while praying in the derelict church of San Damiano, "Rebuild my Church", he at first understood this literally to be a rebuilding in stone and mortar. Later he realised that it was a call that was far more wide-reaching, for the moral and spiritual renewal of the Church.
After "lockdown" and still in the time of this pandemic, much of our church life has been deconstructed. Like St Francis, we need, in this space, to not only contemplate how we "rebuild" what was, but how we renew our Christian life, not least our mission.
Our new series has the objective to equip members of the congregation to reflect, pray and organise themselves more intentionally, to address the challenges in our particular context at the Chapel of “rebuilding the Church” in the wake of the pandemic.
The series will involve weekly input starting on Sunday 20th September 2020, from the Sunday Sermon, followed on Mondays by a more focused reflection by a member of the Chapel's Ministry Team, and then culminating in a video-conference with members of the congregation on Thursday evenings. Please register your interest to participate:

Week1: How are we strengthened  in these times? Prayer  led by the Rev'd Dr Alan Piggot

Week 2: How are we strengthened in these times? Scripture led by Gary Eaborn

Week 3: How are we strengthened  in these times? Sacrament led by Canon Alistair 

Week 4: How are we strengthened in these times? Community.

Week 5: How do we reach out to others in these times? Becoming an Inviting Church

Week 6: How do we reach out to others in these times? Learning to incarnate the Gospel

Week 7: How do we serve others in these times? Service

Week 8: How do these times help us to reimagine and renew the life of our church? Renewal

Chapel Teaching Series Summer 2020 on Facebook: "The Fruit of the Spirit"
The Series will be given by Fr Richard and Gary Eaborn on the Fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5.22 -23), beginning on Tuesday July 30th with "Forbearance". Each week a new "fruit" will be discussed. Usually on Tuesdays and Thursdays on (check the weekly Service Times):
For Live-streaming of Services this Week go to:
You do not need to be a signed up to Facebook to access the posts and videos. Just delete the sign-up box and scroll down.

Weekly Online Groups

All groups will be conducted by video conferencing and require to book in advance.

Wednesdays at 6pm: Spiritual Exercises in Daily Life

led by Fr Richard Fermer

(to join the group online contact


Sundays at 12 noon, after the Online Sung Eucharist we have "Coffee Time" through video conferencing, offering the congregation a chance to catch up.
(for further details about how to participate  contact


Sundays at 5pm Online Fellowship Group

(to join the group contact

led by the Rev'd Dr Alan Piggot


Recorded services are also available at:

Chapel Lockdown Diary 

For sometime I have asked you for any Lockdown ideas or initiatives. Lis Hasted has suggested that we produce a “Lockdown Diary”. We would like to invite you to write a paragraph offering some vignette of how lockdown life has been for you, or a reflection on something you have seen or experienced during this period. If you could include a photograph that would be helpful. We intend to put this together to share with the Chapel community, to increase an awareness of others and encourage creativity.


Make your Prayer Requests

I would encourage you to send in any prayer requests. It does not need to be focused just on the sick and the departed. It could be on any concern. Let us know if you want the matter prayed for publicly or not. Please send your request to me 

Chapel Garden & Pastoral Care

I am very happy to meet for pastoral care in the Chapel Garden, on a one-to-one basis, people who can get here safely. Please email me to make an appointment (weather permitting):

Our Easter/Spring Newsletter available now.
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