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The Bishop of London has asked

that all churches in the Diocese

be closed during this time.

There are no public services
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Walk by the Spirit!

Galatians 5.25

Monday 1st June, 6pm
Sung Eucharist
Visit of the Blessed Virgin Mary to
led by Fr Richard
with Sermon.

Tuesday 2nd June

7.30am Morning Prayer with Reflection for the Day, Fr Richard
6pm "Letter from America"
Fr Alistair MacDonald-Radcliff
offers a reflection from the Church in
the US.

Wednesday 3rd June, 8am
Morning Prayer 
led by Fr Alan Piggot
6pm Spiritual Exercises Group
Online with Fr Richard

Thursday 4th June, 9pm
Celtic Compline (S. Petroc)
led by Fr Richard with Meditation

Friday 5th May, 6pm
Evening Prayer
led by Gary Eaborn with Homily

Sunday 7th June 11am
Sung Eucharist
for Trinity Sunday

led by Fr Richard
with Sermon by Gary Eaborn

12 noon Online Coffee Time
(video conferencing)
5pm Online Fellowship Group

All recorded services at:


THE lent collection 2020

Lent is traditionally a time of almsgiving.  This year the Grosvenor Chapel Lent collection will support the charity, Tariro.  Your donation may be received on the sheet at the back of the Chapel or via the Chapel office.  Please give generously.

In 2020, we have decided to support the Diocesan Lent Appeal 2020 “Wheels for Climate Change Emergencies”, which seeks to help the Anglican Church in Angola and Mozambique, with which the Diocese of London has a longstanding companion relationship, to help them better respond to climate change and emergencies, in particular by buying 4 x 4 vehicles to reach effected areas.

More details on the appeal can be accessed here:
Recently, the UK has experienced just how challenging the effects of climate change can be with extensive and unprecedented flood levels. Fortunately, although many lives have been turned upside down, the UK has the rescue services to attend to people and an Environment Agency, whose task is to take long-term steps to off-set the effects of flooding. Imagine what matters might be like in Africa, where such services and infrastructure does not exist. 
This seems to be a timely appeal and our response will show our solidarity with Christians living in Africa.
Chapel members will remember that the Bishop of Angola visited the Chapel and conducted a Confirmation in 2014.

"Tariro" Our Lent Charity: 2015 - 2019


'Tariro' means 'hope' in Shona, one of the two main languages of Zimbabwe.  TariroUK is a small grant making charity based in the UK that raises money to support orphans or young people in Zimbabwe whose parents can't look after them anymore.  The charity funds between 45 and 50 young people who need help and support in four centres in Zimbabwe through models which suit the individuals; supporting them through school and then with further education or practical projects until they are able to stand on their own two feet, as a parent would.


Tariro gives these children and young people hope when they had none, it gives them a reason to live, and helps them to thrive. Further information can be found at

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