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5th April, Palm Sunday

11am Sung Eucharist

5pm Online Fellowship Group

(to join the group contact


6th April, Holy Monday

6pm Said Eucharist with address


7th April, Holy Tuesday
6pm Said Eucharist with address

8pm Spiritual Exercises in Daily Life



8th April, Holy Wednesday

6pm Stations of the Cross


9th April, Maundy Thursday

8pm Sung Eucharist of the Lord's Supper 


10th April, Good Friday

12 noon Liturgy of our Lord's Passion


12th April, Easter Sunday

11am Sung Eucharist

5pm Online Fellowship Group



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I give you this ring
As a sign of our marriage.

With my body I honour you,
All that I am I give to you,
And all that I have I share with you,
Within the love of God,
Father, Son and Holy Spirit     
 (from The Marriage Service)


The Grosvenor Chapel is not only a beautiful building, but a holy place in which to exchange wedding vows, celebrate with family and friends and receive the blessing of God upon your marriage. It is an intimate space that speaks of God's love and works well for both large and smaller weddings. It has seen many famous weddings, including the wedding scene at the opening of the film, "Love Actually."

The Grosvenor Chapel is a Chapel-of-Ease within the parish of St George, Hanover Square. If you are a resident of the parish (basically the boundaries of Mayfair) you can be married here after the calling of banns: the announcement of your wedding on three consecutive Sundays within the three months before the wedding both here and in the parish church of your financé(e).

If you are not resident in Mayfair you can marry here if you are on the Electoral Roll, the register of the regular worshippers at the Chapel (please see the application form for more details) or have some connection to the Chapel. It is worth speaking to Fr Richard about this if in doubt. If on the electoral roll, you are married after banns are called here and in your parishes of residence.


Whether you are resident in the parish or not, we hope that the Grosvenor Chapel will become your spiritual home, a place you will return to for Sunday services, special occasions and at special times of the year. To this end, we invite you to join us on Sundays at the 11.00am Sung Eucharist as part of your preparation for the wedding. This enables you to become familiar with the Chapel, to hear the music and the choir, and to get to know the clergy and congregation. By participating in this way, the Chapel becomes not only a beautiful building, but also a significant and personal place where you can prepare spiritually for this important day in you life. A number of meetings with the priest will also form part of this preparation, so that the celebration of your wedding will be as much according to your wishes and aspirations as possible. Every term, we run a Saturday Marriage Preparation Course (10am - 3.30pm), which is obligatory for all those wishing to marry at the Chapel. The aim of the course is to allow you, as a couple, some space amidst the busy preparations to reflect together on some key themes of healthy relationships. Although, it is an opportunity to meet other couples to be married in the Parish, there is no requirement to share in groups.


The musical content of the service should then be arranged with the Chapel's Director of Music, Richard Hobson.  


This is your service and we are here to help you celebrate this sacrament in the best way possible - by planning the shape, form and content of the service; understanding the spiritual and symbolic significance of the words you say and the actions you perform, and of the commitment you are making; creating the right atmosphere through music and liturgy for the celebration of the sacrament. The aim of this process is to make your wedding a profoundly personal, spiritual and emotional experience - a suitable place to declare you love for each other and to celebrate the goodness of God, that you have found each other, and that you now wish to begin a journey of mutual love as a couple together for the rest of your lives.


More information about being married in the Church of England can be found at:

The Church of England does permit the re-marriage of divorcees in certain circumstances. For more information click here.


In addition, each year on the Sunday closest to St Valentine's Day, couples married at the Chapel are invited to renew their vows. After the Service we have a celebration.

Local Services

We are delighted to recommend Paul Thomas Flowers in Battersea.

Tel: 020 7355 1876


Should you wish to use your own florist please co-ordinate this with the Chapel Office. Florists normally install the flowers the day before the wedding.



You may use Image Thirst the official photographers of the Chapel.
Contact: 020 7323 5999,



Local printers are Mount Street printers and PIP printing.


Candle-lit Services

If you would like a candle-lit service, night candles can be placed around the church, but must be placed, lit and blown out by the ushers!

Readings at the Wedding

At your wedding there will be an appropriate biblical reading of your choice and, if you would like, another suitable reading from another source. This might be a poem or extract from a book. To explore this further you might like to look at Readings for Weddings by Mark Oakley. The Church of England also provides a selection of suitable Biblical Readings for Weddings.



The Chapel's professional choir and organist will provide the music for your service.  You may have just the organist, organist and soloist, or organ and choir. The Grosvenor Chapel is a formal, elegant building with a reputation for fine church music in traditional style accompanied by the organ or other 'classical' ensembles.  Wedding music will reflect this and be chosen from the great repertoire of western sacred music. We are happy to recommend suitable pieces and assist is any way we can to make the service memorable and satisfying for all. 


Details of fees will be given in your wedding pack, but please note that video and sound recordings (both professional and made by guests) attract additional fees in line with the law on copyright and performers' rights.  It is important that this is understood and taken into account at an early stage to avoid any later disagreement or embarassment. 
The Church of England provides a selection of suitable Hymns suitable for Weddings.


Legal Requirements

By law, weddings must take place between the hours of 9:00 and 18:00. 



A rehearsal is normally held in the Chapel a day or two before the wedding.



The Chapel possesses a beautiful Garden Room  to serve champagne during photographs in the neighbouring Mount Street Garden before departing for the reception. It is also suitable itself for smaller wedding receptions. Beyond the Chapel, Mayfair is replete with wonderful reception venues clubs, hotels and restaurants, and we will be happy to point you in the right direction.


Key Contacts

Fr Richard Fermer, Priest-in-Charge:
Tel: 07734947362

Chapel Administrator  Fiona Andrews

Tel/Fax 020 7499 1684 (Mondays and Fridays)



Director of Music & Organist

Richard Hobson

Tel: 01923 718870   07734 106424


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